About Us


At New Hope Counseling we offer psychotherapy, counseling and seminars for individuals, couples, families and groups, from childhood throughout adulthood.  We are equipped to assist our clients and their specific issues with the needed resources based in the truth of God’s Word, and the required knowledge base to facilitate lasting positive changes in their lives. We accomplish this by reaching out to our local churches with the resources, tools and skills that are necessary for positive change and growth.

Biblical Insight Seminars Relating to Emotional Health

This is an important area of service for New Hope Counseling.  The purpose of this outreach is to…

~Help the Christian community to find healing by learning and applying Biblical principles and truths to their own lives.  In doing so, each person will gain a strong foundation to combat the prevalent destructive issues within our society today.

~ To minister and reach out to our local communities with the resources, tools and unconditional love that is necessary for positive change.  This outstanding service to your community has the opportunity to reach hurting people where they are at and gives a clear reputation of caring concern for the hosting churches.

Seminar topics include:

  • How to Reduce and Learn to Avoid Stress & Anxiety
  • Understanding and Healing Depression
  • Freedom and Healing from Shame & Guilt
  • Healthy Self-Esteem Versus Healthy Self-Identity
  • The Dynamics of Anger & Forgiveness
  • Conflict & Confrontation Resolution Skills
  • Healing from the Pain of Grief & Loss
  • Learning How to Deal with Perfectionism & Failure
  • How to Overcome and Defeat Your Fears & Phobias
  • Learning the Art of Contentment
  • Men’s sexual addiction issues
  • Other topical issues relevant to real life

    Also available for pulpit supply


Pastors, ministers, and priests need to wear many hats in the ministry, from administrating events, to teaching God’s truth, to counseling the hurting. Our desire is to come along side pastors as a source of referral for challenging, or long-term counseling care. It is our understanding that many ministers become side-tracked and burdened by an extremely high counseling load, particularly with long-term care, to the point of failing to carry out their other God-given responsibilities. New Hope Counseling can help you by taking on clients, providing counseling support to pastors themselves, and resource advice.